Welcome to SAIN Photographs

The Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (SAIN) is a database of descriptions of archival material held in Saskatchewan archives. See note below.

  • For further information about the material or to obtain copies, a link is provided to the contact information of the associated repository/Archival Institution. Each will be happy to respond to your enquiry.

SAIN is comprised of two separate databases. The current database is primarily descriptions (including scanned images in many cases) of photographs, with some other item-level material such as audio and video. See also the collections database.

You can also browse our directory of archives in Saskatchewan, incorporated into the descriptive databases.

In the near future SAIN will be combined into one single database for the ease of use in your research. This also means the ease of our members to update the content of the database.
This has required to "freeze" data entry here, but be assured any edits you suggest are being incorporated in the new database.

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