Série F 719-33 - Decoy series

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Decoy series

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F 719-33

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  • 1994-1995 (Produção)
    Minds Eye Entertainment Ltd., 1986-

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0.030 m of textual records

48 videocassettes (ca. 40 hr.) : VHS, U-Matic, Betacam, Betacam SP

20 film reels (ca. 15 hr.) ; 35 mm

1 video reel (1 hr., 37 min.) ; 25 mm

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In February, 1986, Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. was established when Kevin DeWalt assumed one half of a partnership with Ken Krawcyzk in Videotrends, a Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan-based video company. Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. was incorporated on April 15, 1986 and commenced operation in Regina with DeWalt as its president and Krawczyk as its secretary-treasurer. Early contracts for the company included corporate videos, short documentaries, commercial spots and music videos. By 1988, over seventy corporate videos had been produced. In 1989, the company produced its first television drama, The Great Electrical Revolution.

Also in 1989, Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. was reorganized to meet the increasing challenges of the broadening film and video market. Minds Eye Pictures was formed as the division that focused on the creative development and production of television commercials, corporate and educational videos, and on film/drama development. Another division, Quantum Post Production, was formed to focus on all aspects of post-production. Throughout the 1990s, Minds Eye Pictures continued to expand its production work with a variety of feature films, and television series, television movies of the week and television mini-series.

In 2001, Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. (with Minds Eye Pictures as a division thereof) and another business venture, Minds Eye New Media Inc., amalgamated to form Minds Eye Entertainment. The amalgamated corporation was registered in Saskatchewan on March 1, 2001. Kevin DeWalt continued as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Highlights in the history of Minds Eye Entertainment include the international success of the Gemini Award-winning children's television series Incredible Story Studio, and the television mini-series The Englishman's Boy which earned six Gemini Awards and the Seoul Drama Award in 2008. Minds Eye Entertainment embraced the digital age with interactive projects such as the Living Dinosaur Project, and web programs including My Global Adventure and inSayshable. The company also partnered with production companies in France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and the United Kingdom to produce various television series and feature films. In its history, Minds Eye has operated production offices in Los Angeles, California, Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Currently (2017) Minds Eye Entertainment continues to maintain its head office in Regina, however it also operates a satellite office from Kelowna, British Columbia that was established in 2016. It has produced over fifty television and movie productions, many of which have been distributed by its subsidiary company, Minds Eye International.

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This series consists of records pertaining to Decoy, a feature film co-produced by Prism Pictures, Floyd Group Inc., F.Y.D.O.E. Films, and Minds Eye Pictures under a Canada-United States co-production agreement. An action-adventure film, Decoy (working title: Hunted) was filmed on location in Regina and La Ronge, Saskatchewan and was the first film of its genre to be produced in the province. It was also billed as the first locally-produced film to be theatrically released. It was released in late-1995 and distributed internationally by Minds Eye International. Decoy was awarded an Ace Award in 1995 for best audio/video production and cinematography.

The executive producers of Decoy were Carlo Rambaldi, Barry Collier and Kevin DeWalt. It was produced by Gary Kaufman and Antonio Cortese, with Kevin DeWalt and Rob King as co-producers. It was directed by Victor Rambaldi. The screenplay was written by Robert Sarno. The director of photography was Jon Kranhouse and the editor was Frank Irvine. The cast of Decoy included Peter Weller, Robert Patrick, Charlotte Lewis, Darlene Vogel, Peter Breck and Scott Hylands.

The moving image records consist of: unidentified film elements (MI-11992 to MI-12006); textless rolls (MI-12007 to MI-12008); work prints (MI-12009 to MI-12010); video reel (stereo dub master) (MI-12011); raw footage (MI-12012 to MI-12020); electronic press kit (EPK) tapes consisting mainly of scenics in La Ronge, interviews, scenes, behind the scenes and special effects (MI-12021 to MI-12044); a trailer (MI-12045); a spot (MI-12046); and full production, including time code burn and NTSC dub (MI-12047 to MI-12059). Textual records consist of publicity material and film work records.

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Additional publicity material is available in the Business Records series (F 719-55).

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Moving images: MI-11992 to MI-12059

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To consult the records, visit or contact the Regina office.

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