Wilcox (Sask.), 1907-

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Wilcox (Sask.), 1907-

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The Village of Wilcox, Saskatchewan in an urban municipality incorporated on April 19, 1907. In April of 1902, the first settlers arrived by train at milepost 35 alonng the Soo Line Railroad. Within one week, surveyors arrived to lay out the site, and soon more settlers arrived. Wilcox was named after Albert Wilcox, the train dispatcher at the Canadian Pacific Railway office in Moose Jaw. The village of Wilcox is situated midway between Moose Jaw and Weyburn along the Soo Line Railway and Highway 39. It is approximately 42 kilometres south on Highway 6, and 8 kilometres west of the City of Regina. It is located in Bratt's Lake Rural Municipality No. 129.

The village is governed by an elected council that can hire staff to manage daily administration and maintain municipal services, such as roads, utilities and recreation facilities. The responsibilities of the council include enforcing bylaws; waste management; fire protection; maintaining public utilities, roads and streets; issuing tax and assessment notices, and collecting taxes and other fees.

The Village of Wilcox was governed originally by an overseer, councillors, and a secretary-treasurer. Around 1970 the governance structure changed to include a mayor (formerly the overseer), councillors, and a secretary-treasurer. The first overseer was Alexander Weston, elected April 29, 1907.

The current (2009) population of the Village of Wilcox is 262.


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