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  • 1883-2002 (Produção)

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ca. 800 bound volumes of newspapers
1097 microfilm reels
1901 photographs: b&w negatives

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The first issue of The Regina Leader was published on March 1, 1883 in Regina, North West Territories. The first owner, editor and publisher of the weekly newspaper was Nicholas Flood Davin. In November, 1883, Davin expanded the publishing side of his business venture, and Prairie Printing and Publishing Company was incorporated as a joint stock company under the provisions of the Companies Act. Davin maintained ownership and editorial control of The Regina Leader, which began publishing daily in 1885. In 1886, Davin entered federal politics and turned control of the newspaper over to The Leader Printing Company. He was a shareholder in the Leader Company Limited in 1887.

Leader Company Limited was sold to Walter Scott in 1895; Scott also became The Regina Leader's editor. Scott also owned The Moose Jaw Times and in 1900 established The Leader-Times Company Limited. Scott turned over editorial control of The Regina Leader to William Franklin Kerr in 1902. Under Scott's ownership, The Morning Leader began daily publishing in 1903. Kerr purchased The Leader-Times Company Limited from Scott in 1905 and established The Leader Publishing Company. He held the positions of president and managing editor.

During the early years of The Regina Leader's development, various other newspapers were also being established in Regina. Many of these newspapers would eventually be purchased by the owners of The Leader. The West was established in 1899 and became The Daily Province in 1910. The Regina Standard was established in 1887 as a weekly newspaper and became a daily in 1904. It was purchased by The Province and became The Evening Province and Standard, publishing from 1913 to 1915. The Daily Province was discontinued in 1915, and the following year became The Regina Daily Post. The Leader Publishing Company took over The Regina Daily Post in 1920 and continued to publish The Regina Daily Post and The Morning Leader.

In 1920, T. Burford Hooke became president of The Leader Publishing Company. He was also named editor in 1921. As president, Hooke sold his holdings to The Armadale Company Limited in 1927. The Armadale Company Limited handled the business ventures of the Sifton family. With the acquisition of The Leader Publishing Company, the Sifton family gained The Regina Daily Post and The Morning Leader as well as the Daily Star and Daily Phoenix newspapers in Saskatoon. Upon approval of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, The Leader Publishing Company became The Leader-Post Publishing Company in July, 1929.

Under ownership of The Armadale Company Limited, The Regina Daily Post and The Morning Leader newspapers merged together to become The Leader-Post. The first publication under the new name occurred on April 7, 1930.

The Leader-Post Limited was registered with Corporations Branch, Department of Justice, Government of Saskatchewan on May 26, 1931. Victor Sifton held presidency of the company until 1953 when Clifford Sifton became sole proprietor of The Leader-Post. Clifford Sifton continued as president until 1959 when his son Michael C. Sifton assumed the position. The Leader-Post Limited was amalgamated into Armadale Communications Limited, which was registered with Corporations Branch on January 1, 1989. Michael C. Sifton continued as president until his death in January, 1995. His son, Michael G. Sifton held the position of president for the remainder of 1995.

Armadale Communications Limited sold The Leader-Post and its other Saskatchewan-based newspapers to Hollinger Inc. on December 31, 1995. Control of The Leader-Post rested with Sterling Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of Hollinger Inc. At the time of acquisition, Michael G. Sifton became chairman of Sterling Newspapers Limited.

Hollinger Inc. held ownership of The Leader-Post until July 31, 2000 when all of Hollinger's Saskatchewan media assets were purchased by CanWest Global Communications Corporation. At the completion of the sale, The Leader-Post became a division of Southam Publications, a CanWest company. Currently, (2007) the Leader-Post is a division of CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc., a subsidiary created in 2005 of CanWest MediaWorks Inc.. Its publisher is Greg McLean (since 2001) and its editor-in-chief is Janice Dockham (since 2000).

Since the early 1980s, The Leader-Post Limited and its successors have also published The Regina Sun (renamed The Regina Sun Community News in June, 2000.)

Former general managers and executive vice-presidents of The Leader-Post have included John F. Sweeney (1943-1945); Percy B. Keffer (1945-1962); William Thomson (1963-1972); Max Macdonald (1972-1983); James Struthers (1984-1988); Richard D. Thompson (1988-1989); Ed Schulz (1989-1994); Bob Hughes (1994-1996) and Greg McLean (1996-2001).

Past editors of the newspaper have included Nicholas Flood Davin (1883-1887); acting editor Thomas Smith (August, 1884 - April, 1885); J. Jackson Young (1887-1892); John A. Reid (1893-1895); Walter Scott (1895-1906); William Franklin Kerr (1906-1920); James Cruickshank and William Noakes (1919-1921); T. Burford Hooke (1921-1927); Arthur M. Raymond and Hamilton Butler (1922-1927); A.M. Raymond and Maxwell B. Cody (1927-1929); David Bruce MacRae (1929-1939); David Barss Rogers (1940-1964); Thomas Melville (1964-1973); Ivor Williams (1973-1988); John Swan (1988-1996) and Bob Hughes (1996-2000).

Over its history, The Leader and its successors' offices have been located at the 1900 block of Victoria Street (now Avenue) (1883-1891); 1765 Hamilton Street (1891-1905); 1800 Hamilton Street (1905-1913); 1853 Hamilton Street (1913-1964) and 1964 Park Street (1964-present).

História custodial

Lawrence Shaw, The Leader-Post's chief photographer in the 1960s, donated some of these records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in one accession in 1964: Regina 706 (May, 1964). The Leader-Post Limited donated some of these records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in two accessions between 1971 and 1987: Regina 954 (February, 1971) and R87-227 (April 27, 1987). The Leader-Post Library donated additional records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in one accession in 1985: R85-167 (April 26, 1985).

Âmbito e conteúdo

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used by owners, publishers and employees of The Regina Leader and its successors in Regina, North West Territories (later Saskatchewan) between 1883 to 2002.

The fonds includes bound volumes and microfilm reels of The Regina Leader, The Morning Leader, and The Leader-Post and newspapers acquired by the owners of these, including The West, The Daily Province, The Regina Standard, The Evening Province and Standard and The Regina Daily Post. A collection of special publications from these newspapers is also included in the fonds, as well as microfilm copies of The Regina Sun and The Regina Sun Community News publications.

Also included in the fonds are photographic negatives created by staff photographers of The Leader-Post from 1939 to 1964. The negatives represent a variety of subject matters of local and provincial significance including personalities, sports, government functions, political events, public ceremonies, business and industry, exhibitions, competitions, buildings, institutions, disasters, scenery, as well as corporate activities of The Leader-Post Limited.

Maps, additional photographs, newspaper clippings and pamphlets, a photocopy of Classified Business Directory, 1921, correspondence to the editors of The Regina Leader and The Regina Leader-Post, zinc etchings, plastic engravings and papier maché mats of buildings and prominent citizens of Saskatchewan are also included in the fonds.

No series descriptions are available.

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The factors determining arrangement of many of the records in this fonds have not been documented during the description process. Photographic negatives in old photographic guide R-PG 9 were arranged by subject by staff archivist in 1990.

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Original newspaper issues for The Leader-Post and its predecessors (1883-1979) are also available.

Restrições de acesso

Records are open for research use.

Termos que regulam o uso, reprodução e publicação

Use, publication and/or reproduction of records are subject to terms of an agreement with the donor dated 19 March, 1987 and the conditions of The Copyright Act. Please consult reference archivist for assistance.

Instrumentos de descrição

SAFA 348 (old photographic guide R-PG 9) consists of a fonds description, item descriptions of photographs and an item description of map A1427. Item descriptions of certain photographs (R-LP1 to R-LP1901) and maps are available in electronic format. For item descriptions of clippings and pamphlets, see Regina Main Card Catalogue. For item descriptions of additional photographs, see Regina Historical Photographs Card Catalogue. Please consult reference archivist for assistance. Published indices to news stories and obituaries found in The Regina Leader, The Morning Leader and The Leader-Post can be found in the reference area at the Regina office.

Materiais associados

Related material: 1939 Who's Who Classified Business Directory , published by The Leader-Post Limited, is located in the City of Regina: Pamphlets and Clippings collection (R-962). Photographs of The Leader Publishing Company picnics are located in the Regina Historical Photographs Card Catalogue (R-B8650 and R-B8651). Original issues of The Morning Leader (1910-1917), The Regina Daily Post (1917) and The Evening Province and Standard (1915-1916) are located in the J.E. Bradshaw fonds (A35).

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Further accruals are expected.

Nota geral

.4 cm of textual records; 4 photographs; 33 zinc etchings; 14 plastic engravings; 3 papier maché mats; 2 maps

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Other codes: Textual Records: R-E356, R-E2103, R-N 23 to R-N 26, R-N 28 to R-N 30, R-N 33 to R-N 37, R-N 178 to R-N 180, R-N 182 to R-N 183, R-N 188 to R-N 189, R-N 280 to R-N 283, R-N 288 to R-N 289, R-N 291, R-N 294, R-N 296, R-N 298, R-N 324, R-N 373, R-N 41

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