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Poulty Demonstrations - Pelleted Feed

  • Photograph Collection, A-3859
  • Item
  • nd

A large bucket of chicken feed pellets and a pair of hands scooping more pellets.

Poultry House

  • Photograph Collection, A-3853
  • Item
  • nd

Exterior of the poultry house.

Basketball - R. Furse

  • Photograph Collection, A-3849
  • Item
  • nd

R. Furse in basketball uniform dribbling a basketball.

College Nine

  • Photograph Collection, A-3773
  • Item
  • nd

Intensely Vigourous College Nine marching band. Two students playing trumpets, one with a trombone, and one with a snare drum.

Chemistry Building

  • Photograph Collection, A-3770
  • Item
  • nd

Thorvaldson building taken from in front of the Arts Building.

Student's Changing Classes

  • Photograph Collection, A-3768
  • Item
  • nd

Students walking on campus during winter. Murray Library and Thorvaldson in the background.

Saskatchewan Research Council

  • Photograph Collection, A-3767
  • Item
  • nd

View of the Saskatchewan Research Council Building (later the Toxicology Centre)

Murray Memorial Library - Construction

  • Photograph Collection, A-3721
  • Item
  • [1956?]

Murray memorial library under construction, a view of Thorvaldson in the background.

Legislative Review Committee (Devine Government) series

  • S 82
  • Série
  • 1982-1991

This series consists of records created, accumulated and used by the Clerk of the Executive Council of Saskatchewan/Assistant Cabinet Secretary in his/her role as secretary to the Legislative Review Committee during the Devine Government.The types...

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