Séries F 719-54 - Corporate and commercial productions series

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Corporate and commercial productions series

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F 719-54

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  • 1987-2009 (Criação)
    Minds Eye Entertainment Ltd., 1986-

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Descripción física

498 videocassettes (ca. 140 hr., 10 min.) : Betacam SP, Betacam, VHS, U-Matic, HD CAM, DCT

6 video reels (ca. 1 hr., 10 min.) ; 25 mm

7 optical discs (ca. 10 hr., 30 min.) : DVD

9 computer optical discs (20 items) (ca. 1811.000 MB) : .iso, .mds, .mov, .edl, .doc, .omf, file

3 computer disks (12 items) (ca. 0.511 MB) : .cap, .res, .exe, .cfg, .edl ; 9 x 9 cm

22 audio cassettes (ca. 11 hr., 0 min.) : DAT

0.600 m of textual records

67 photographs : prints, b&w, col. ; 25 x 20 cm or smaller

23 photographs : negatives, b&w ; 35 mm

23 photographs on 1 contact sheet : prints, b&w

15 photographs : slides, col. ; 35 mm

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Historia administrativa

In February, 1986, Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. was established when Kevin DeWalt assumed one half of a partnership with Ken Krawcyzk in Videotrends, a Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan-based video company. Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. was incorporated on April 15, 1986 and commenced operation in Regina with DeWalt as its president and Krawczyk as its secretary-treasurer. Early contracts for the company included corporate videos, short documentaries, commercial spots and music videos. By 1988, over seventy corporate videos had been produced. In 1989, the company produced its first television drama, The Great Electrical Revolution.

Also in 1989, Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. was reorganized to meet the increasing challenges of the broadening film and video market. Minds Eye Pictures was formed as the division that focused on the creative development and production of television commercials, corporate and educational videos, and on film/drama development. Another division, Quantum Post Production, was formed to focus on all aspects of post-production. Throughout the 1990s, Minds Eye Pictures continued to expand its production work with a variety of feature films, and television series, television movies of the week and television mini-series.

In 2001, Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd. (with Minds Eye Pictures as a division thereof) and another business venture, Minds Eye New Media Inc., amalgamated to form Minds Eye Entertainment. The amalgamated corporation was registered in Saskatchewan on March 1, 2001. Kevin DeWalt continued as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Highlights in the history of Minds Eye Entertainment include the international success of the Gemini Award-winning children's television series Incredible Story Studio, and the television mini-series The Englishman's Boy which earned six Gemini Awards and the Seoul Drama Award in 2008. Minds Eye Entertainment embraced the digital age with interactive projects such as the Living Dinosaur Project, and web programs including My Global Adventure and inSayshable. The company also partnered with production companies in France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and the United Kingdom to produce various television series and feature films. In its history, Minds Eye has operated production offices in Los Angeles, California, Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Currently (2017) Minds Eye Entertainment continues to maintain its head office in Regina, however it also operates a satellite office from Kelowna, British Columbia that was established in 2016. It has produced over fifty television and movie productions, many of which have been distributed by its subsidiary company, Minds Eye International.

Historial de custodia

Alcance y contenido

This series consists of records pertaining to various productions created by Minds Eye Entertainment and its predecessors, Minds Eye Pictures and Regina Motion Picture, Video & Sound Ltd., for corporate and government clients between 1987 and 2009. Productions consist of commercials, product videos, corporate training videos and public education/service announcements; and encompass a variety of subject matters. Records include master tapes of the completed projects, as well as a small volume of work tapes and raw footage.

Productions for private corporations and organizations include those for: Academy of Esthetics (MI-12446); Access Communications (MI-12447 to MI-12452); Agriculture Institute of Management in Saskatchewan (MI-12453 to MI-12459); Air Waves (MI-12460); Aquafine (MI-12461 to MI-12465); ATCoG (MI-12466 to MI-12467); Bennett Dunlop Ford (MI-12468); Brown & Associates (MI-12469 to MI-12472); Brown Communications Group (MI-12473 to MI-12474); Canadian Mental Health Association (MI-12475); Cairns Homes (MI-12476 to MI-12477); CAA (MI-12478); Canadian Cancer Society (MI-12479 to MI-12482); Canadian Red Cross (MI-12483); Cooper Quine Faser (MI-12484); Credit Unions of Saskatchewan (MI-12485 to MI-12491); Casino Regina (MI-12492 to MI-12496); Dalat By Night (MI-12497); Del Air Systems Ltd. (MI-12498); Denro Holdings (MI-12499 to MI-12500); Ducks Unlimited (MI-12501); Dutch Industries (MI-12502); Energy Concepts Inc. (MI-12503); Ernst & Young (MI-12504); Esso (MI-12505); Fifth Avenue Collection (MI-12506 to MI-12509); Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) 1992 Mock Trial (MI-12510 to MI-12518); Fuddruckers (MI-12519 to MI-12521); Globe Theatre (MI-12522 to MI-12523); Honey Bee Manufacturing (MI-12524); IPSCO (MI-12525 to MI-12526); Junior Achievement (MI-12527 to MI-12528); Knights of Columbus (MI-12529); Kroma Kolor (MI-12530); The Leader-Post, Regina (MI-12531 to MI-12532); Luther College, Regina (MI-12533 to MI-12541); Medi-Chair (MI-12542 to MI-12543); Memories Fine Dining Restaurant (MI-12544 to MI-12545); Moose Jaw Asphalt Ltd. (MI-12546); Moose Jaw Tourism (MI-12547); Moasic Multicultural Festival (MI-12548 to MI-12551); Northern Telecom (MI-12552 to MI-12557); Northgate Mall (MI-12558 to MI-12559); Palmer Jarvis (MI-12560 to MI-12562); Power Pin (MI-12563); Prism 50 Minute Photo (MI-12564 to MI-12565); Producers Pipeline (MI-12566); Progress Club (MI-12567); Progressive Conservative Party (MI-12568 to MI-12569); Quest Communications (MI-12570); Regina Inn (MI-12571); Regina Symphony Orchestra (MI-12572); Roberts Poole (MI-12573); Roxy's Bistro (MI-12574); Royal Bank (MI-12575); Saskatchewan Band Association (MI-12576); Saskatchewan Council of Cultural Organizations (MI-12577); Saskatchewan Express (MI-12578 to MI-12580); Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association (MI-12581 to MI-12584); Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (MI-12585 to MI-12588); Schneider Group (MI-12589); Self-Employment Training Program (SETS) (MI-12590); Souris Support Group (MI-12591); Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD) (MI-12592 to MI-12595); Syngergistic (MI-12596); Talon Tools (MI-12597); Tourism Regina (MI-12598 to MI-12601); Translight (MI-12602 to MI-12604); United Way (MI-12605); Victoria Square Mall (MI-12606 to MI-12607); Westank Willock (MI-12608); Westbridge (MI-12609 to MI-12610); Western Canadian Agribition (MI-12611 to MI-12612, MI-12615); Wire Weeder (MI-12613); Unisource (MI-12614); and Carl Zeiss (MI-12616).

Productions for agencies of the federal government include corporate training videos for: the Department of National Defence (MI-12617 to MI-12629); the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (MI-12630); and Supply and Service Canada (MI-12631).

Productions for local government agencies include those for: the City of Regina (MI-12632 to MI-12636); the Regina Board of Education (MI-12637 to MI-12639); and the University of Regina (MI-12640 to MI-12645).

Productions for agencies of the Government of Saskatchewan include those for: Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food (MI-12646); Saskatchewan Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (MI-12647); Saskatchewan Auto Fund (MI-12648); Saskatchewan Communications Network (MI-12649 to MI-12655); Saskatchewan Education (MI-12656); Saskatchewan Education and Skills Training (MI-12657 to MI-12661); Sask Energy (MI-12662); Sask Ferco (MI-12663 to MI-12664); Sask Film (MI-12665 to MI-12669); Saskatchewan Finance (MI-12670); Saskatchewan Government Insurance (MI-12671 to MI-12685); Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety (MI-12686); Saskatchewan Health (MI-12687 to MI-12694); Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation (MI-12695 to MI-12698); Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (MI-12699 to MI-12700); Saskatchewan Industry and Resources (MI-12701 to MI-12712); Saskatchewan Lotteries (MI-12713 to MI-12718); Sask Oil (MI-12719); Saskatchewan Parks (MI-12720); SaskPower (MI-12721 to MI-12741); Sask Sport (MI-12742 to MI-12764); Sask Tourism (MI-12765 to MI-12768); Saskatchewan Wetlands Conservation Corporation (MI-12769); Whitespruce Youth Treatment Centre (MI-12770); and Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board (MI-12771).

Productions or advertising campaigns for SaskTel, the government agency for which Minds Eye had the most contracts between 1987 and 2009, include: Norstar System Co-ordinator (MI-12772); Communications at the Speed of Light: In Celebration of SaskTel's 80th Anniversary (MI-12773 to MI-12776); ILS (Individual Line Service), including archival image library (MI-12777 to MI-12829); SaskTel International Promo (MI-12830); unidentified work tapes (MI-12831 to MI-12833); Quality Control (MI-12834); Message Manager (MI-12835 to MI-12836); Memories/Grandfather/Friends (MI-12837 to MI-12845); Alexander Bell (MI-12846); Real People (MI-12847 to MI-12851, MI-12862); Name Display (MI-12852 to MI-12853); Worry Free Paranoia (MI-12854 to MI-12856); Worry Free Blues (MI-12857 to MI-12859); Long Distance (MI-12860 to MI-12861); SaskTel Savings (MI-12863); Phone 'n' Fly (MI-12864 to MI-12866); Real People (MI-12867 to MI-12870); SaskTel Voice Connect: Simplicity (MI-12871); Helicopter/Gainer, etc. (MI-12872 to MI-12876); Big Dreams, Love Story (MI-12877 to MI-12882); Good Bye, Big City, Dad / Daughter (MI-12883 to MI-12895); Real Plus Extra (MI-12896 to MI-12901); Lenore's World / Brad's World / Your World (MI-12902 to MI-12906); Scared and Stranded / Traffic Jam (MI-12907 to MI-12913); Call, Call, Call (MI-12914); Testimonials - Brad / Kim / John / Gloria (MI-12915 to MI-12919); Doug, Shelley, Maia, Gord, Rick, Liane (MI-12920 to MI-12925); Free Spirit / Anita's World / Ron's World (MI-12926 to MI-12935); Customer Testimonial Campaign - Phase 2 (MI-12936); Phase 3 Testimonials / 10 Cent Weekends (MI-12937); Acklands Grainger / Harley Davidson (MI-12938 to MI-12939); Westwind Aviation / Dollar Rent-a-Car / Off the Wall (MI-12940 to MI-12949); Call Your Mom 10 Cent (MI-12950); SaskTel World (MI-12951 to MI-12953); Phase 4 Testimonials (MI-12954 to MI-12966); Gloria / Ron / Chris / Roni (MI-12967 to MI-12971); Smart Touch (MI-12972 to MI-12975); 10 Cent Evenings and Weekends -New Friends / Like Father, Like Son (MI-12976 to MI-12984); Madame R Donald / Elvis (MI-12985 to MI-12987); SaskTel Business 98 Campaign (MI-12988 to MI-12989); Anywhere Saskatchewan / Evenings and Weekends Canada / Anywhere Canada (MI-12990 to MI-12993); Business 99 - Straight Rates (MI-12994); SaskTel Long Distance (MI-12995); Helping on the Farm / Pastures / In Touch / Farmer Tan (MI-12996 to MI-12998); SaskTel Business Builder (MI-12999 to MI-13002); Intender Campaign / Laundromat / Corey (MI-13003 to MI-13005); Never Lose Touch (MI-13006 to MI-13010); Sask Tel Value 2000 (MI-13011 to MI-13014); Back to School Internet Offer (MI-13015); SaskTel Christmas (MI-13016); High Speed Internet (MI-13017 to MI-13022); SaskTel Mobility (MI-13023 to MI-13026); Christmas Cells (MI-13027); Max Launch (MI-13028); You Can - Hero / Farmer's Son / Convert (MI-13029 to MI-13037); SaskTel (MI-13038); SaskTel Mobility Christmas (MI-13039 to MI-13043); SaskTel Mobility - The Least I Could Do / It Was Nothing (MI-13044 to MI-13045); High Speed Wireless (MI-13046 to MI-13049); Summer with Dwight (MI-13050 to MI-13052); Little Red Spots (MI-13053); Little Red Delivers (MI-13054 to MI-13055); and SaskTel Direct West Mobile Phonebook (MI-13056). Related sound recordings on DAT include: Phone 'n' Fly (SR-1253 to SR-1254); SaskTel Connect (SR-1255); SaskTel (SR-1256); SaskTel Price (SR-1257); SaskTel Savings (SR-1258); Testimonials campaigns (SR-1259 to SR-1266); Free Spirit / Anita's World / Ron's World (SR-1267); Scared and Stranded / Traffic Jam (SR-1268); Real Plus Extra (SR-1269); SaskTel World T.V. (SR-1270); SaskTel Value 2000 (SR-1271); SaskTel Internet (SR-1272); Intender / Laundry (SR-1273); and Dream Big 2 (SR-1274).

Also included are textual records created between 1995 and 2007, relating to advertising campaigns for which Minds Eye was contracted by various advertising agencies. Photographs include audition headshots and location scouting stills relating to these files.

Electronic records include: digital editing files; auditions and related photographs; and completed advertising productions.

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Photographs were retained in the following textual files: 7 [GM-PH-3214 (1)-(61)]; 38 [GM-PH-3214 (62)-(70)]; 40 [GM-PH-3214 (71)-(77)]; 41 [GM-PH-3214 (78)-(87)]; 44 [GM-PH-3214 (88)-(105)]; 45 [GM-PH-3214 (106)-(127)]; and 48 [GM-PH-3214 (128)-(129)].

Nota general

Data from computer optical discs was copied to digital storage.

Alpha-numeric designations

Moving images: MI-12446 to MI-13056

Sound recordings: SR-1253 to SR-1274

Photographs: GM-PH-3214 (1)-(129)

Location note

To consult the records, visit or contact the Regina office.

Location note

Location for retrieval: Regina - Maxwell

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