Fondo F2 - Family Service Bureau of Regina fonds

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Family Service Bureau of Regina fonds

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  • 1913-1992 (Criação)

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1.81 metres of textual records
6 photographs

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The Bureau of Public Welfare was a private, voluntary organization established in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1913. The Bureau provided monetary relief to Regina citizens and coordinated the relief activities of various charity groups in the city. It also worked to rehabilitate criminals; prevent juvenile delinquency; promote child welfare and improve working conditions for women. In 1914, Regina City Council transferred responsibility for all relief administration to the Bureau. In 1918, the responsibility was given to the City Health Department and the Bureau of Public Welfare was abolished.

The economic depression of the 1930's necessitated the revival of the Bureau of Public Welfare. The Regina Welfare Bureau (as it was now called) was established in December, 1931 and incorporated under the provisions of The Benevolent Societies Act on June 10, 1946. The Bureau fostered the development of wholesome family life; and assisted families and individuals to return to or achieve a normal life and to take part in programs of the community for social betterment. On February 1, 1956, the Bureau changed its name to the Family Service Bureau of Regina to reflect its focus on family counseling. On May 22, 1998, the organization became known as Family Service Regina Incorporated.

Family Service Regina currently (2007) provides community services including counseling for families, couples, and individuals; the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP); teen and young parent programs; family violence programs; family education; marriage preparation; balancing work and family seminars; life skills programs; and community volunteer opportunities.

The Family Service Bureau's organizational structure, developed in 1931, includes a board of directors; president, first vice-president, second vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The executive director manages the daily operations and oversees the counselors and program, financial and administrative staff.

Historial de custodia

Rod McLeod, executive director of the Family Service Bureau of Regina (1976-1982) donated these records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in three accessions between 1981 and 1995: R81-599 (December 22, 1981); R85-529 (December 20, 1985); and R95-270 (September 15, 1995).

Alcance y contenido

The fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used from 1913 to 1992 by the officers and staff of the Bureau of Public Welfare; the Regina Welfare Bureau and the Family Service Bureau of Regina.

The types of records included are correspondence, memoranda, agendas and minutes, annual reports, financial statements, statistics, briefs, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, intake books, by-laws, questionnaires, newsletters and photographs.

No series assignment has been applied to the records in this fonds.

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These records are subject to access restrictions according to the terms of an agreement with the donor dated December 22, 1981. Please consult reference archivist for assistance.

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Use, publication and/or reproduction of records are subject to terms of an agreement with the donor and the conditions of the Copyright Act.

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SAFA 121 (old guide GR 245) consists of a fonds description and file listings of textual records. Item descriptions of photographs are available in the Historical Photographs (Regina) card catalogue.

Materiales asociados

Related material: R-E1447 or S-F515: Let the Family Flourish: A History of the Family Service Bureau of Regina, 1913-1982 by James M. Pitsula. A copy of the Regina Welfare Bureau's 1949 annual report is located in the Ruth S. McGill fonds (R-936).

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Other codes: Textual records: old guide GR 245 (R-603, R-1777); Photographs: R-B12537 to R-B12541 and R-B14113

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